Nina Moayer: Vision and Drive

Nina Moayer is the dynamic creator behind Goya Studios. She collaborated with partner Joey Jensen to completely transformed the space into a premier location with A-list amenities and specialized services that meet the most diverse productions needs
A List Food at you Fingertips: The Copper Key

A List Food at you Fingertips: The Copper Key

Goya Studios not only offers clients a top-of-the-line space with modern techniques but also high-end, in-house catering. Chef Guus Wickenhagen and Michael Duddie are the founders behind The Copper Key, the studio’s catering service. Together, they have more than 40...

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg and the cast of Ready Player One were at Goya Studios to promote the upcoming film. Per the Columbus Dispatch “the film, opening nationwide on Thursday, stars Tye Sheridan as Wade Owen Watts, a teenager who lives in the Stacks of America, rows of...
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