Joey Jensen: Blending Creativity and Tech

Joey Jensen has an extensive background in event production having worked with top clients such as Neuhouse, The Tao Group and 1Oak. Starting out in his career, he undertook many different roles and experiences which ultimately influenced his vision for Goya Studios.

Joey initially started working in the art department for music videos, commercials and film shoots before becoming a Production Manager. After a few years he struck out on his own, collaborating with many nightlife clients including sbe and Dolce Group, the team behind Les Deux and Geisha House.   

Through his productions, Joey has worked with venues across Hollywood. A major issue he noticed through his work is the limited functionality of different spaces because design decisions were not made by event producers but rather contractors. He partnered with Nina to create a space with production friendliness taken in consideration on every creative and design decision.

With this in mind, Goya Studios was built to ensure it is adaptable and streamlined for any type of event as well as shoots so that clients have room to bring their own visions to life. Unique among the existing studios in the area, each soundstage in the design-forward facility is fully customizable and provides pioneering technologies for branding, lighting, sound activations, and signature special effects.

Since they’ve launched the studio, the campus has been dramatically transformed by the Goya Studios team to fulfill the different needs and ideas of each client. The functionality and diversity of the space lends to Joey’s excitement for his job. He noted,“Every day is different. Even within the same venue, every event is new. I think of events like Buddhist sand mandalas; you spend so much time building it and making it as perfect as possible, then it is enjoyed briefly and whisked away. I like to think of an event in the literal sense of the word— it is a unique moment in time and space. I am inspired when an event aspires to that ideal, becoming a landmark in the lives of all those present.”

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