Nina Moayer: Vision and Drive

Nina Moayer is the dynamic creator behind Goya Studios. She collaborated with partner Joey Jensen to completely transformed the space into a premier location with A-list amenities and specialized services that meet the most diverse productions.

Nina’s career began in 2010 after graduating from USC’s Marshall School of Business, when she began producing events for a small experiential marketing company, for brands including Reebok and Clinique. She was then hired by a top hospitality company sbe to oversee events and parties for major entertainment awards such as the Academy Awards, GRAMMY, Emmys and the BET Awards.

While special events remained the focus of her career at sbe, her role evolved as she fostered relationships with the film production community. She brought in shoots for top shows such as HBO’s Newsroom, The Mindy Project, Castle, Scandal and House of Cards, thereby creating a niche for the company that not only increased sales but also drove strong marketing and PR value for sbe properties.

Subsequently she helped launch the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas while also overseeing event production for artists including Future, Travis Scott and Lady Gaga. After a few years at SLS, Nina decided to take her experience in the film and events industry to build a creative space that would tie these two worlds together.

Goya Studios is the incarnation and blending of Nina’s extensive experience. By taking action on an idea and working hard to bring it to life, she is helping transform the Hollywood landscape through this unique space. She has created a campus which can turn any creative idea into reality by telling stories through advanced film, photography, A/V and sound “magic-making” techniques.  Most importantly, with Goya Studios, Nina has developed a collaborative environment, rich in ideas and fun!


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